Matte Lotion for Bald Head

Powerful. Masculine. Sexy. These and more are the descriptive words commonly associated nowadays with a clean-shaven head. And it is actually a good thing, especially for those who are seeing the early signs of balding on their once hair-filled crown. So, if you are still thinking it over, perhaps this is the right time to get rid of that receding hairline once and for all. Take the bold step and have your head shaved. Once you do, you will need some grooming products to keep that look, including the best lotion for bald heads.

Matte Lotion for Bald Head

Bald is Better

Whether you opted to have a completely shaven head by choice or for other reason, you need to remember that you can’t stay bald forever. New hair will soon grow to cover your shaven head unless your baldness was caused by extreme hair fall or a health condition. Whatever your condition while you have a completely shaven head, remember that underneath your scalp are hair follicles that may be activated to trigger another growth. For those with hair problems, it may take longer, however, as recent studies prove.

For those who still have active hair follicles, you will observe baby hairs starting to grow on your scalp a few days later. To maintain the good-looking dome, you will need to run a razor through your head every couple of days. Keeping a regular grooming routine will also help ensure that you can keep your crown looking at its best every time.

Keep Your Dome Looking at Its Best

Like any other looks, a bald head needs upkeep to make it look stunning. Well, you don’t have to worry about any bad hair days any more now that you have shaved your lock. In place of your hair is your scalp that will also need to be cared for to maintain that good look. Note that regular shaving can also dry out your skin and cause other problems if not done properly, so you will need to make sure that your scalp is treated right as well.

Caring for your scalp is no different from caring for your skin. Except that there are additional steps that you need to do to ensure that your shaven head is provided the care that it actually needs.

One of the things that will ruin your good-looking dome is the presence of dry skin. There are several reasons that can lead to having dry skin on your scalp. If not properly treated, this may later cause flaking.

There are many products that can help you with dry and flaking skin. One is keeping your skin properly moisturized. One way to do this is regular cleansing of your scalp using the right shampoo and conditioner to remove dirt and natural oil from your scalp. This way you can keep your scalp free from dirt and allow moisture to be locked in the pores of your skin.

Having the best moisturizer for bald heads is also necessary not only to add an extra layer of protection to your scalp but also to make sure that your skin is free from dryness and provided with additional nutrients from those added in the formula as this will also support healthy skin. This also softens the hair follicle so that every time you need to shave some baby hairs, your razor with just go smoothly over them.

Keep Your Dome Clean While Keeping It Moisturized

Having a well-maintained shaven head is not just all about grooming products. The way you shave your head also matters. You can’t just go ahead with a stroke after another with a shaver or razor and expect that there won’t be any cut or damaged skin once you are done shaving your top.

You need to make sure that you prepare your head well and make a close yet gentle shave to remove the stubble on your head without any problems.

Whatever brand you choose to moisturize your head with, make sure that all the ingredients in the formulation will be gentle enough to your skin.

Keeping your body well-hydrated and enjoying a healthy diet is another way to help keep your crown looking healthy. However you opt to keep your look, always remember that you can keep your well-shaven head only as long as you would remember to keep a regular grooming routine. Any time you do, you can keep your head held high and while whispering goodbye to falling hair and even to expensive hair supplements.