Tips in Choosing a Bearded Dragon Leash

You would generally see a pet owner walking a dog or a cat in public places. But have you ever seen one tagging along with a bearded dragon with a leash on its neck? You may have not yet seen one, but for many dragon pet owners, this is becoming a trend. You might even soon see a few walking their beardies along the park.

The bearded dragon that has long inhabited the arid woodlands and deserts of center Australia is now a well-favored pet among keepers. Their docile and interesting personality and trait enticed many animal lovers in many parts of the world. As they live for more than ten years (the oldest, Sebastian, was 18 when it died in 2016), you will have more than enough time to cherish this gentle creature should you decide to own one.

Bearded Dragon Leash

There are several things that you need to consider when deciding to look for the best-bearded dragon for a pet. These include the habitat set up, the dragon’s diet and caring for the bearded dragon. This exotic reptile loves to bask in the sun in their original habitat. Once you have them boarded in their cage, you will also have to set up the right lighting, temperature, and humidity for dragon so that they will remain healthy longer. They need much of the heat during the day to help them control their body temperature. This will allow them to synthesize the food that they eat.

If you give them time to roam around in the sun, they will surely be happy to have a stroll with you. Of course, you wouldn’t want your dragon to stray away. That’s the reason why a good bearded dragon leash is what you will need to feel safe while keeping your beardie.

Since you are on this page tells me that you are looking for pertinent information about handling your bearded dragon using a leash. Read on then and you will also learn the things that you should and should not do when it comes to using a leash for a pet reptile like a bearded dragon.

Things to consider when choosing a best bearded dragon leash. There are several varieties of bearded dragon leash that you may see online or at brick and mortar retail stores. You should not just grab one because you like the color of the leash, or because it is the only store where a leash is available. You have to make sure that you get a good leash. You wouldn’t want to hurt your dragon when testing it, right? Then, you have to take the time to find the best leash for your beardie.

This guide will help you pick a good one, make sure that consider all these factors when finding the best-fitted dragon leash for your pet. One of the best marketplace for this find will be You’ll find hundreds of variety from different sellers. You will even get to read reviews from other people who bought the same item. Just make sure that you verify that the reviews posted are reviews from real buyers of the item you are considering to buy, however.

Opt for one that has a good rating, perhaps considered as Amazon’s best seller or recommended product. Don’t just pick one because it’s the cheapest, though. There are other factors that should also come into play when deciding which beardie leash will do well for your pet.

The material

Your leash can choke your beardie or  if you are you are not able to find the right leash that is made with a material that is not soft enough that won’t hurt your beardie.

The size

Consider buying a leash in two sizes depending on what you need. A longer leash will allow you  a safe distance from your pet yet will allow the dragon to have more freedom to walk around

The color

You might also need to consider buying a few in a variety of colors (bright color leash are preferable). This will allow you to keep the extra leashes when they are not in use.  Change the leash with a different color when you have to wash the other leash.

The design

Opt for one that will be easy to put or take off your dragon. Just make sure that it will stay put on the dragon’s body and will not let your pet to slip out of it.

The packaging

It’s best if you can find one with a support email address together with an instruction manual or, perhaps, a link to a digital step-by-step picture guide on how to use the leash. If you will have any problem with your purchase, you can easily send them an email. Fortunately, most sellers on Amazon may also be contacted directly on their pages. You can even upload your review (text or video) for other future buyers to refer to.

Things that you should not do when using the leash on your dragon

Never walk your bearded dragon like a dog. Note that you want to allow your experience to enjoy the sun and everything outside. Let your pet dragon explore and enjoy a new found environment.

Never pull on the dragon’s leash. Even if the material may not hurt your pet, but the force that you may have applied on the leash may choke him or scratch his skin off. Be sure to pull very gently and slowly.

Never make the leash “just a little bit tighter”. Just allow the leash to rest firmly but not tightly that your pet may feel so uncomfortable in it.

Never let your guard down. Your pet is a great explorer. Do not let it wander off too quickly and too far from you that you will have a hard time catching up with it. Also, take note of any birds above who may be on the lookout for their next prey. You also need to keep your dragon off anything that it may want to nibble off the ground. There may be insects and plants along the way, but you are not sure whether they may have brushed off with anything that has toxic chemicals in it, so keep your pet away from them.

Your dragon will be glad if you find the right leash for it, so take time to look around and find one that will best provide the comfort and satisfaction that one can provide for your pet.