Tips On How To Prevent Or Treat Nail Fungus

You may just think it is just natural to see some yellow tinge on your nails. You might even pass it as a discoloration caused by your regular salon visits for a fresh manicure and pedicure. If you knew that this could signal something else, you will do something about it right away. Yes, the yellow discoloration that starts to form at the tips of your nails could actually be manifestations of a fungal infection called onychomycosis.

If left untreated, the fungi on your nails will soon multiply. Once the infection becomes severe, your nails may get too thick and may even cause your nails to crack and be painful at times. By then, you might need more intense treatment to get rid of the fungi totally. But even before that happens, you should know how to prevent best fungal nail treatment.


Tips On How To Prevent and Treat Nail Fungus

1. Keep your feet and hands clean and moist-free Fungi thrive in warm and moist places.

That means you will need to keep your hands and your feet clean and dry. Make sure that everything you put on them is also clean and sanitized. Your gloves, socks, stockings, and pantyhose, and even your shoes may just be the next breeding ground for bacteria, germs, and fungus. Alternate wearing these items with any of their alternate items (i.e closed shoes and open-toed footwear or another pair of shoes, etc.).

You may also need to sprinkle an antifungal powder or apply an antifungal cream on your feet to provide double protection to your nails and your feet. Once your socks become damp with sweat after a workout or from wearing shoes for some time, make sure you change them.

2. Soak your dirty socks, pantyhose, and stockings in a disinfectant before washing

To make sure that all the bacteria, germs, and fungi that are still clinging on the threads of your socks, pantyhose, and stockings are eliminated totally, soak them first in a disinfectant solution.

3. Soak your feet in a vinegar solution

If you notice that there are some white or yellowish spots on your nails, it will help to dissolve the fungi that might be have started to settle there with a weak acid solution. Mix two parts vinegar to four parts water. Soak your feet in the solution for about thirty minutes before taking a bath.

4. Protect your nails

Unnecessary pressure, even improperly cutting your nails may create a small wound or cut. This can create an opening for the fungi. You also need to make sure that you are wearing shoes that are not too tight or too big. Both will create unnecessary pressure to your nails and your heels. Once your nails or your skin get damaged, fungi can start to thrive. Finally, when cleaning your nails and your feet, be careful that you don’t brush your skin and your nails too hard or you may damage your nails, nail beds, or your skin.

5. Protect your immune system

A weak immune system makes you more prone to fungal and other types of infections. Make sure to maintain a healthy lifestyle to boost your immune system. Allow your body to have at least 7 hours of sleep. Exercise, drink regularly, eat foods that will help boost the immune system, and learn to manage stress well. With a healthy immune system, your body can easily defend itself from any external and internal microorganisms that may strive to harm it.

6. Soak your foot in saline solution

Here’s another quick and easy home remedy you can do to prevent or treat nail fungus. This preventive solution can also lessen perspiration and soften the skin while creating a hostile environment for the fungus. Soak your feet in warm water mixed with salt (two teaspoons of salt per pint of water) for about 10 to 15 minutes after a bath or before you apply an antifungal medication.

7. Have your nails done properly

Salons which are usually filled with customers can be a hot spot for fungi. If you need to have your nails done, make sure that you find a well-sanitized salon. Observe how they use and clean their tools. You may also need to inquire if they hold a safety inspection certificate. It would be best if you can bring your own nail polish to make sure that your nails won’t be painted with nail polish from bottles that have long been opened.

You have to take the health of your nails seriously. If ever you see possible signs of fungal infection, make sure to apply the proper medication right away. If your condition does not improve in a few days or if it gets worst, see a podiatrist immediately.